Help Legalize Therapeutic Psilocybin in Canada

“I have been able to be happy and anxiety-free and not worry about what’s going to happen tomorrow. I’m able to live in the day and in the moment”

- Laurie Brooks, British Columbia

"For the first time, I feel like I have won the battle in my mind and my anxiety and depression seem to be gone."

- Mona Streleaff, British Columbia

“Psilocybin has been a gentle teacher for me. It expands my ability to BE WITH whatever shows up: the vast range of emotions and challenges that arise when one is dying.”

- Andrea Bird, Ontario
Photo credit: Andreea Muscurel

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Based in Victoria, Canada, and established in 2019, TheraPsil is a non-profit coalition of healthcare professionals, patients, and advocates dedicated to obtaining legal access to psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy for Canadians in medical need. You can meet our team, here.

Since August 4th 2020, we have supported 35 patients in accessing legal psilocybin therapy through 'section 56 exemptions', approved by the Federal Minister of Health.

We are now advocating for regulatory change to ensure that psilocybin therapy can become a safe, equitable, and accessible treatment option in Canada. Learn more about our campaign to Legalize Therapeutic Psilocybin, here. 

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