Advancing Compassionate Care Options

Seeking Therapeutic Psilocybin for Canadians in End-of-Life Distress

Based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, and established in 2019, TheraPsil is a coalition of healthcare professionals dedicated to providing legal access to psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy for Canadians.

Starting by seeking legal access to psilocybin treatment for Canadians with a palliative diagnosis and psychological distress, TheraPsil’s team of health care professionals will operate at the highest standards of clinical competence and ethical integrity.

If you are a healthcare provider, a potential patient, or reaching out on behalf of a loved one, visit our get in touch page.

Why We Exist… Our Vision

  • Canadians in palliative care with severe psychological distress deserve access to effective new therapies, in consultation with a physician, which can improve their quality of life/death.
  • When an effective therapy involves a prohibited/controlled substance, we challenge the laws that are in conflict with science and compassionate care.
  • Care providers must work collaboratively with patients toward healing vs merely the suppression of psychological trauma, addiction, illness and pain.

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