Help Legalize Therapeutic Psilocybin in Canada

Help Legalize Therapeutic Psilocybin in Canada

Psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy is the professionally guided use of psilocybin (magic mushrooms) in combination with psychotherapy and differs greatly from the recreational use of psychedelics. This clinically tested treatment program encompasses careful medical oversight of the medicine session, as well as intention setting and integration psychotherapy sessions (without psilocybin) that help prepare an individual for lasting healing.

Psilocybin therapy for palliative care and treatment-resistant health conditions (treatment-resistant depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance use disorders, cluster headaches, etc..)  is a safe, compassionate, effective, and reasonable treatment option for Canadians in medical need that has been proven by rigorous clinical research studies and confirmed by real-world anecdotal evidence.

What problems are patients facing?

Over 38 Canadians in medical need, supported by TheraPsil, have received approved section 56 exemptions from Federal Health Minister, Patty Hajdu allowing them to legally use, possess, and transport psilocybin in the context of psilocybin therapy. Unfortunately, there are many more Canadians, equally suffering who have been waiting months for a response from the Minister.

Section 56 exemptions, where the Minister of Health grants individual exemptions for psilocybin use to patients on a case-by-case basis, while beneficial to open the door to compassionate access over the past year, is not a sustainable model to offer healthcare. When some patients are approved for this treatment option, and others are not, it is clear: section 56 exemptions are arbitrary, discriminatory, and infringe upon patients section 15 charter rights.

Health Canada dragging feet on approving magic mushrooms for therapeutic use, patients and advocates say

Health Canada dragging feet on approving magic mushrooms for therapeutic use, patients and advocates say

What is the solution?

Canada urgently needs a change in regulations that would allow medical psilocybin and psilocybin therapy to be accessible through consultation between a patient and their healthcare provider, not through case-by-case exemptions granted by the Federal Minister of Health.

In August 2021, TheraPsil, in consultation with patients, lawyers, and policy experts drafted a proposed framework for medical psilocybin in Canada.

Why demand medical regulations for psilocybin, now?


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TheraPsil is hosting a 5-week webinar series, every other Wednesday at 4pm PST starting on October 20th 2021 where you can learn about psilocybin therapy and the urgent need for regulatory change, first-hand from patients, healthcare professionals, and advocates.

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