About TheraPsil

About TheraPsil

TheraPsil is a small non-profit coalition dedicated to helping Canadians in medical need access legal, psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy and medical psilocybin.

TheraPsil was formed in 2019 and is made up of healthcare practitioners, patients, community members, and advocates. To meet our team, click here.

In August 2020, after over 100 days of advocating, TheraPsil facilitated precedent-setting and tangible progress in the fight for compassionate access to psilocybin therapy when we helped 4 Canadians suffering from end-of-life distress, due to a terminal illness, access approved 'section 56 exemptions' from the Minister of Health, This was the first time section 56 exemptions for psilocybin had been approved for patients since psilocybin was made a controlled substance in 1974, in Canada marking a water-shed moment

As of January 2022, TheraPsil has now supported 55 patients in 5 different provinces access legal, psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy.

We are actively assisting Canadians with existential distress as a result of a past or present terminal or life-threatening diagnosis pursue legal access to psilocybin to be used in conjunction with psychotherapy.

New patients who are interested in legally accessing psilocybin therapy can find out more about their options here.

TheraPsil looks forward to helping many more Canadians gain access to legal, psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy.

As of March 2021, TheraPsil launched and is scaling a psilocybin assisted therapy training program for qualified Healthcare Practitioners. TheraPsil recognizes the importance of developing a pool of suitably trained and trusted TheraPsil Clinical Associates to whom we can refer patients. To learn more, visit our Training Webpage here.

TheraPsil is also contributing to current and future psilocybin research. Observational research studies have been designed in collaboration with researchers from McGill University, Northern Ontario School of Medicine, and the world’s first Psychedelic Research Centre at Imperial College, London. All eligible patients granted legal access to psilocybin therapy have the opportunity to take part in this research initiative. Find out more about past and present psilocybin research here.

Navigating governmental processes in order to access legal and safe psilocybin therapy is complex, cumbersome for patients and healthcare providers and slow, hence why only 58 individuals have gained access with our help so far. We know this is not acceptable and change is urgently needed.

TheraPsil is actively advocating for the Federal Government to enact medical psilocybin regulations in Canada to make medical psilocybin, and psilocybin therapy a legal, safe, regulated and accessible treatment option in Canada for all in medical need. To learn more about our advocacy efforts and how you can take action with us visit our Take Action webpage here.

As a small non-profit we rely on donations from our community to operate. We cannot continue to support Canadians in accessing legal psilocybin now or continue to advocate for the enactment of medical psilocybin regulations in the future, without your support.

If you are supportive of the work our team is doing and want to see psilocybin legalized in Canada, please consider donating. Even small donations help those in need of psilocybin therapy in Canada be able to continue to receive our support.

TheraPsil is accepting members. To join TheraPsil as a member, please fill out TheraPsil Membership Form 2021 and submit to .

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