About Therapsil

Where do we start?

Our initial focus is on the provision of compassionate treatment for Canadians in palliative care who suffer from end-of-life distress. End-of-life distress is best described as the combination of anxiety, depression, hopelessness, and demoralization experienced by patients who receive a diagnosis of an incurable illness, or who are in remission from diseases such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, or heart disease. As research in psychedelic medicine matures, we will further expand our services to include others who may benefit from psilocybin.

“At the 6-month follow-up mark, 80% of participants continuing to show clinically significant decreases in depressed mood and anxiety”
– Griffiths et a.l 2016

On August 4th, 2020, four individuals who experience end-of-life distress, and who were supported by TheraPsil in their application for an exemption to the Canadian Drugs and Substances Act were approved!

This was the first time that 4 personal applications for psilocybin therapy were approved in Canada since psilocybin was made illegal in 1974.

We are actively accepting new patients who are interested in trying psilocybin therapy and who meet our inclusion criteria.

TheraPsil looks forward to helping many more Canadians gain access to legal, psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy.

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