Clinical Research Bibliography:
Psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy

Updated January 2022

Section A: Original research papers directly supporting psilocybin in treatment of end-of-life distress.

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These two articles are supplemented by important professional commentary that accompanies them:

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Section B: Articles summarizing and supporting recent research into use of psilocybin in treatment of end-of-life anxiety & depression.

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Section C: Original research papers indirectly supporting psilocybin treatment for end-of-life distress.

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Section D: original research papers: LSD in treatment of end-of-life anxiety & depression. These papers are included as relevant because LSD has subjective effects similar to psilocybin.

Gasser P, Holstein D, Michel Y, et al. March (2014) Safety and efficacy of lysergic acid diethylamide-assisted psychotherapy for anxiety associated with life-threatening diseases. The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease 202: 513-520

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Section E: Original research papers: psilocybin in treatment of other psychiatric disorders: depression, alcohol dependence, tobacco addiction, & obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Argento, E., Braschel, M., Walsh, Z., Socias, M. E., & Shannon, K. (2018). The moderating effect of psychedelics on the prospective relationship between prescription opioid use and suicide risk among marginalized women. Journal of psychopharmacology (Oxford, England), 32(12), 1385–1391.

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Section F: Psilocybin for chronic pain

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Section G: Subjective effects of psilocybin in healthy humans

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Section G: Clinical safety aspects

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