Hello! My name is Dr. Bob Carey

I’m a clinical psychologist with a specialty in the treatment of trauma-related disorders. I have worked with people suffering from a broad array of adverse life experiences from childhood and/or in work-related traumas, missions in the military or as a first responder on through to personal injury, chronic and life-threatening illness.

Like many growing up in San Francisco in the Viet Nam era, I experimented with a variety of psychedelics, experiencing both “Heaven and Hell”, before coming to Canada for graduate school and eventually becoming a citizen. I have come full circle since those Wild West days of psychedelia, to the current responsible use of these medicines for their healing and spiritual potential. It was, however, the inspirational work of the late Dr. Roland Griffiths from Johns Hopkins on the healing power of “mystical-type experiences”, that encouraged me to seek training with TheraPsil.

I have experienced firsthand how vital trust in one’s helpers, their empathic attunement with us and our development of an open, curious attitude is in preparing for a psychedelic experience. As a result, I focus on ensuring such conditions are achieved prior to any medicine session. I am especially attentive to how to assist journeyers to “trust, let go and be open” as the psilocybin relaxes our everyday sense of self. This unusual experience can be anxiety provoking for many of us and must be properly prepared for to ensure a truly healing experience.

There is nothing in consciousness that can hurt us, but sometimes we must address lingering, unresolved parts of psychedelic experiences. I have found that the influence of these experiences, can be like that of a difficult dream that affects us deeply. Integrating such experiences as we might a disturbing dream requires the trust, understanding and knowledge of whomever you may choose to work with you. At this point in my career, I cannot think of anything more important than assisting someone to safely enter a psychedelic experience designed to relieve suffering and help realize our fullest potential as human beings.

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