Hello! My name is Keren Mitchell

I am a dual qualified Family Nurse Practitioner (#0914063) and Registered Clinical Counsellor (#20029) with two decades of experience in mental health, substance use, and harm reduction. I have worked with youth and adults with a focus on recovery from addiction, trauma, mood disorders, psychosis, ADHD, and concurrent disorders, primarily via inner city outreach and in community settings.

I hold a Master of Nursing from the University of British Columbia (2011), which I supplemented with coursework from the Master of Counselling Psychology program through Yorkville University (2023). I have also completed additional psychedelic and somatic focused training including MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy through MAPS, Psilocybin Assisted Psychotherapy and MDMA Assisted Therapy through TheraPsil, Ketamine-Assisted Therapy through Polaris, Level One Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and the Internal Family Systems Online Circle. I am qualified as a Medical and Psychotherapy Associate with TheraPsil, which allows me to support clients in the role of prescriber, therapist, and/or co-sitter.

My core values include harm reduction, trauma-informed practice, and a non-pathologizing approach to understanding mental health and distress. I blend solid education in mainstream psychopharmacology and psychiatry with training and extensive personal experience navigating non-ordinary states of consciousness. I aim to support clients to move towards greater psychospiritual integration through counselling, medication consultation, supervised medication tapers, and psychedelic preparation and integration.

My practice is characterized by innovation and life-long learning. I approach every client with an attitude of curiosity and compassion, viewing each as a unique individual with the capacity to heal. I combine a Biopsychosocial-Spiritual, Humanistic, and Somatic approach to help clients access their inner strengths and wisdom, and to support their resilience as they work towards their definition of recovery.

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