Hello! My name is Talia Babecoff-Kimhi

My years of experience in counselling have taught me that when a person is ready for change, change is possible. So if you are ready to seek insight, expand your personal growth, develop your communication or anxiety management skills, deepen your relationships, or wish to resolve long-standing trauma or move more smoothly through transition, I can help you on this journey.

Over my travels, I have been fascinated by and learned from many people around the world. Throughout my professional experience, I have supported youth, adults, and elders with emotional and mental struggles. Eager to help even more, I became involved with psychedelic-assisted therapy as a healing tool for harm-reduction and relief of suffering, with cultural and personal growth aspects. I am trained as a Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Provider with IPI (USA) and TheraPsil (BC, Canada) and am currently working toward completing my MAPS MDMA-Assisted Therapy Provider training.

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