VANCOUVER, BC, May 9th, 2023,  Lucy Scientific, a clinical-stage natural and synthetic psychedelic drug development company, has officially announced its participation in TheraPsil’s Project Solace, the world’s largest medical psilocybin access and data project. Project Solace is a TheraPsil-led research project that aims to expand legal access to psilocybin for Canadian patients suffering from end-of-life distress and other serious conditions where traditional treatment options have failed. 

The secondary objective is to develop a real-world data registry that documents clinical effectiveness, safety, and clinician- and patient-reported outcomes from psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy through Health Canada’s Special Access Program or under exemptions authorizing possession of psilocybin. 

Chris McElvany, Chief Executive Officer of Lucy Scientific Discovery Inc., expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to collaborate with TheraPsil, as it provides us with a unique opportunity to bring natural psilocybin products to market in Canada. By leveraging TheraPsil’s expertise and our shared commitment to patient well-being, we aim to gain valuable insights, build brand recognition, and positively impact the lives of individuals seeking alternative therapies.”

TheraPsil’s CEO, Spencer Hawkswell said “Canadians are in urgent need of compassionate access to psilocybin. Having Lucy join the project is going to help hundreds and maybe even thousands of patients connect with doctors and therapists who will be able to support their SAP exemptions to help them access psilocybin. We’re excited to work with Lucy Scientific and applaud their support of patients seeking access to psilocybin. “

As a Health Canada-licensed producer of psilocybin, Lucy Scientific’s participation is expected to greatly enhance patient access to much-needed drug candidates. Project Solace represents an important opportunity for Lucy Scientific to gather information regarding patient and clinician experiences with their drug candidates, which will support their drug development program and facilitate decision-making surrounding the regulatory system for the future of medicalized psilocybin. For more information about Project Solace, visit the Project Solace website:

For more information on Lucy Scientific Discover visit the website here:

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