TheraPsil’s MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy
Training Program

On September 25th, TheraPsil announced the launch of a MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy Training Program (read the full press release here). This groundbreaking training expansion represents a monumental leap forward in our mission to provide safe, legal, and effective therapies for individuals grappling with mental health challenges.

Why This Matters

Our expansion into MDMA-assisted psychotherapy training signifies a new chapter of growth and innovation for TheraPsil. We are broadening our advocacy efforts to encompass both psilocybin and MDMA therapies, furthering our commitment to helping patients in medical need gain legal access to psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy through Health Canada’s SAP program.

The Pilot Phase - Led by Dr. Ingrid Pacey

We are excited to announce that dates have been set for the first two cohorts of our pilot program, and we invite you to apply for this unique opportunity.

The pilot phase of this program is scheduled to launch on February 12-17, 2024, with a second cohort planned for June 3-8, 2024.

Leading this program will be Dr. Ingrid Pacey, a distinguished TheraPsil trainer known for her pivotal role as the Principal Investigator of the MAPS Phase 2 MDMA trial in Vancouver. Dr. Pacey's extensive expertise underscores our commitment to providing top-tier training.

The pilot phase will be open to practitioners who have successfully completed the didactic portion (up to Unit 10) of TheraPsil’s Fundamentals of Psilocybin-Assisted Psychotherapy training program. We encourage all interested and eligible practitioners to apply and be part of this exciting endeavor as we transition out of the pilot phase.

Entrance Requirements

  1. Completion (Units 1-10) of TheraPsil’s Fundamentals of Psilocybin-Assisted Psychotherapy training program.
  2. A medical degree (MD, RN), or a graduate degree (MA, PhD) in psychology, counseling psychology, or a closely related field such as psychiatric social work, psychiatric nursing or occupational therapy with psychotherapy license.
  3. Current good standing as a professional member of a provincial clinical counseling or psychotherapy association having a Code of Ethics and a disciplinary body.* Preference will be given to applicants who already have some personal or professional psychedelic experience.

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