TheraPsil’s 4 Pillar Mission

  • PROFESSIONAL TRAINING: Develop and deliver safe and effective treatment protocols for credentialed healthcare professionals and organizations to provide psilocybin and MDMA-assisted psychotherapy.
  • PUBLIC EDUCATION: Engage and amplify diverse voices through TheraPsil’s Community of Care and Practice. Increase public awareness of medical rights and the merits and limitations of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.
  • COMPASSIONATE ACCESS: Expand safe, subsidized, legal and equitable access to psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy for people in medical need.
  • RESEARCH: Facilitate research and evaluation in collaboration with Canadian and international partners.

Why We Exist… Our Vision

  • Canadians in medical need deserve access to effective therapies, in consultation with a physician, which can improve their quality of life/death.
  • When effective therapy involves a prohibited/controlled substance, we challenge the laws that are in conflict with science and compassionate care.
  • Care providers must collaborate with patients, government and health authorities toward healing psychological trauma, addiction, illness, and pain.

TheraPsil’s Values

  • Compassion for patients in medical need
  • Responsibility to mitigate suffering and promote the well-being of patients
  • Freedom of citizens to exercise their right to try therapies and make their own choices about their personal wellbeing
  • Courage to fight for that right
  • Patient Centred approach that promotes high standards of inclusion, clinical competence and ethics