TheraPsil Donations

How are you Funded?

TheraPsil is a non-profit advocacy group and accepts donations from a variety of sources including for-profit organizations in the psychedelic and bio-science space, and private individuals. You can see a breakdown of our donors and their contributions to our organization on our donors page, here. We look forward to diversifying our donor base, starting with a crowdfunding campaign coming early August 2020. 

What influence do your donors have on your organization? 

Our donors have no impact or influence on TheraPsil’s strategy or motivations. Our agreements with these donors have and always will be ‘no strings attached’. We are deeply committed to ethical and integrity-driven advocacy work that puts patients first - always. We appreciate the donations we have received and have never allowed financial support to sway or impact our clear mission and values.  

How can I support TheraPsil?

Please contact us at if you wish to support us. We appreciate your support immensely! 

Is TheraPsil a Charity?

No, TheraPsil is not a charity and cannot issue tax receipts. So sorry!  We are, however, a registered non-profit organization, and have a credible board of directors.


A few of our donors

New Wave Holdings Corp. (CNW Group/New Wave Holdings Corp.)