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By completing this, you have indicated that you, or someone you are advocating for, are interested in seeking our support in accessing legal psilocybin, to be utilized under the supervision of a trained treatment team in conjunction with psychotherapy.

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TheraPsil assists patients who reach out to us based on their immediate need. What this means is we prioritise processing applications for Canadians facing a palliative or active life-threatening diagnosis (such as cancer) first. Please note your application may not be processed in order based on when it was submitted.

As a very small non-profit, we have limited funding, which means limited capacity. Any donation made to us will help increase our capacity and help more Canadian’s access psilocybin sooner.

If you can, please donate to our cause and help us increase our capacity to support yourself and hopefully many others.

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While you are waiting for our reply, we highly encourage you to join us in our advocacy work, by contacting your Member of Parliament. We are advocating for regulatory change so that all patients in medical need can access this treatment option through consultation with their healthcare provider, rather than through ad-hoc exemptions granted by the Minister of Health. Your voice matters and is integral to driving change.

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We appreciate your understanding as we strive to only extend our services in accordance with our means and ability to provide safe and equitable care to ensure a high standard of support is provided to each patient.

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Additional Information Regarding Advocacy

You can help broaden access to this treatment, for yourself and others by advocating for the creation and implementation of therapeutic psilocybin regulations. We want the Government and the Minister of Health, Jean-Yves Duclos to commit to making regulations, as opposed to the continuation of granting only select section 56 exemptions, and SAP requests as these pathways to access healthcare is unsustainable, unequal, and inaccessible for most. TheraPsil has drafted and submitted proposed draft regulations to the Minister of Health and Health Canada, which you can learn more about here.

You can help make a difference in our push for therapeutic psilocybin access to be available for ALL in medical need!

Below is a link to our Take Action webpage where anyone can submit a letter to their MP and the Minister of Health, Jean-Yves Duclos, by just signing their name - it will only take 1 minute!


The more individuals living in Canada advocating for psilocybin regulations the harder it will be for Jean-Yves Duclos to ignore.
Please share our Take Action webpage with your community via email or on social media. Every letter submitted shows the Minister of Health and Health Canada that the time for psilocybin regulation is now.

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