We need your help to secure more compassionate access to psilocybin as an alternative for Canadians suffering from chronic disease, addiction and palliative depression.


Dear friends,


Further to previous messages and your ongoing support for our mission, TheraPsil has announced a delegation of patients and medical professionals from across Canada. They will make their first in-person appearance in Ottawa later this month to seek more compassionate access to psilocybin for Canadian adults suffering from palliative depression, addiction, PTSD, and chronic disease.

Consider the success we have had working virtually over the past three years to help make psilocybin legal in Canada for medical purposes. Now, think of the progress we can make when decision-makers meet directly with patients and healthcare professionals to hear their personal experiences, and how Psilocybin Therapy has changed their lives.

To ensure this historic visit is successful, we hope you will help TheraPsil cover the costs associated with getting patients and health care providers to Ottawa safely this month with a $500 – $1000 donation today. 

In addition to meeting with decision-makers and health organizations, patients and medical professionals will reach out to Parliamentarians to raise awareness about the medical benefits of psilocybin. They will educate the public and recommend a transparent regulatory approach to guide medical access to psilocybin, just as was done for cannabis in 2000.

With the worsening overdose crisis, pending MAiD expansion and our experience facilitating psilocybin treatment to over 134 patients over the past two years. We hope the federal Health Minister and other elected officials will provide more vulnerable Canadians and health professionals with the right to try this exciting natural treatment option.

Click the below link for a copy of the Media Advisory that was issued today. Click the donation button below to support this first-of-its-kind journey of patients and healthcare professionals.


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All donors are invited to or may send, a representative to attend the lobby week and its meetings. Donors are invited to all strategy meetings, and debriefs (see schedule on invitation and advisory below), and will be involved in future campaigns. 

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Thank you again for your unwavering support and compassion.

Yours truly,

Spencer Hawkswell and the TheraPsil team


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