Patients: Online Interviews

This study aims to gather patient, caregiver, and therapists perspectives on psychedelic psychotherapy through structured interviews and was designed by Lakehead University (Northern Ontario).


  • Do you have psychological or existential distress from a life-threatening diagnosis?
  • Have you received an exemption issued by Health Canada to be legally eligible to possess and consume psilocybin-containing (“magic”) mushrooms for the expressed intent of alleviating end-of-life distress and improving quality of life?
  • You have not yet to received your psilocybin treatment
  • Will you receive your psilocybin treatment in the near future within the next one month OR have you received your psilocybin not more than 2 weeks ago?

Potential Risks
We believe that participation in this project conveys no significant risk to you.

Potential Benefits
This project will advance the study of psychedelics. Further, if you so request, you may have access to your responses and scores on scientific questionnaires, which may allow you to better understand your treatment experiences.

Do I have to take part?
No. Participation is entirely voluntary. You may also withdraw from the study at any stage without providing any reasons. Participation/withdrawal will not affect your exemption or your psilocybin treatment.

What to expect:

  • Participation in two interviews: **NO IN PERSON MEETING IS REQUIRED**
    • One 90-minute audio recorded interview
    • One 60-minute audio recorded interview
  • *(OPTIONAL) To introduce us to one family member or friend caregiver who might be interested in participating in the phone interview

If you decide that you would like to participate in this study, you will be asked to do 2 audio-recorded interviews (60 minutes and 90 minutes) and as an incentive, you will receive $50 for each interview ($100 total).

How do I sign up?
To learn more about this study, please send an email to Dr. Ryan Pactchett-Marble at: