Do you have the right to psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy?

Based on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Canadian courts have clearly ruled that patients have the right to make their own choices regarding medical treatment when faced with a life-threatening illness.

On August 4th 2020, personal exemptions to access psilocybin therapy to treat end-of-life distress, were granted to four Canadians. The precedent to allow psilocybin therapy to those experiencing end of life distress has now been set.


Our Research

“Canadians have now acknowledged patients’ “Right To Die” when faced with serious suffering at end-of-life. Surely, Canadians have a “Right To Try” a medicine that may help them want to live.”

Bruce Tobin Ph.D.

Canadians in serious psychological distress involving end-of-life despair, existential anxiety and depression should rightfully have access to try psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy.
Our reasoning rests on scientific, legal and moral arguments.