PLEASE NOTE: TheraPsil is actively assisting any terminally-ill patient who is seeking access to therapeutic Psilocybin. We deeply believe in its efficacy, and our campaign is amplified by patients who, like Thomas Hartle, want to share their struggle with all Canadians. But be assured that we offer absolute confidentiality to all who seek our help.

Thomas Hartle is 52 years old and lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He is a husband of 25 years and a father to two amazing kids, one girl, one boy. He has been an IT professional for 25 years. 

He also has incurable colon cancer, officially diagnosed in April 2016. 

“You might imagine that it causes a lot of anxiety, and it absolutely does. There really isn’t anything available that can treat existential dread. There isn’t anything any doctor can tell me or any pill they can give me that can say that everything will definitely be ok after you die” says Thomas. 

People in his circle of friends knew that psilocybin might help, and with that suggestion, Thomas launched into research in the same way that he would research something that might be helpful with his career.

I’m not the type of person who can just sit on a problem if there is a possibility to make it better,” he says. 

Similar to his journey with medical cannabis, Thomas says when he actually did the research the therapeutic benefits were clear. “I was completely unaware that the potential benefit even existed, let alone the remarkable success stories that were available in the research. If you look at the measurable clinical results, it seems crazy NOT to try it, honestly.”

TheraPsil, is a non-profit organization that helps Canadians with end-of-life distress apply for an exemption to section 56(1) of the Canadian Drugs & Substances Act so that they may use psilocybin for psilocybin assisted psychotherapy. 

Thomas has now sent in his application and been waiting for the Hon. Health Minister Patty Hajdu to respond. All eyes are now on the Health Minister who is being asked by patients to make a decision before the end of June.  



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