TheraPsil Applauds Healthcare Funding to B.C. From Federal Government


VANCOUVER, BC (March 6th, 2023) – TheraPsil, a Vancouver-based non-profit and training organization advocating for legal access to psilocybin for those in medical need, welcomes the recent healthcare funding agreement between the British Columbia (B.C.) government and the federal government. TheraPsil is thrilled to be part of the growing movement for better access to health services, alongside advocacy groups calling for improved mental health support and a safe supply.


The $27.47-billion deal includes immediate funding to address long surgery wait times and urgent needs in emergency rooms, with an immediate $273 million allocated for this purpose. The federal government states that B.C.’s priorities include access to high-quality health services, especially in rural and remote areas, timely mental health and substance-use services, and allowing residents access to their electronic health information.


TheraPsil’s mission is to promote and provide legal access to psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy for individuals facing end-of-life distress, depression, anxiety, and addiction. The non-profit organization has been working tirelessly to provide a safe and legal framework for those in need of this type of therapy. Recent in-person visits to Ottawa alongside patients seeking access, advocates and experts in the psychedelic field have yielded positive results, with public support for expanding psilocybin-assisted services coming from members of parliament such as Green Party leader Elizabeth May and the NDP’s Alistair MacGregor.


“TheraPsil and its stakeholders, along with hundreds of other treatment and mental health advocacy groups in B.C. and nationwide, have been working with both the provincial and federal governments since 2019, advocating for increased spending on mental health and addictions treatment,” said Spencer Hawkswell, TheraPsil President & CEO. “This announcement is proof that our government is not only listening, but responding with support. We hope these funds are widely used to expand treatment and that the province is open to projects utilizing psilocybin for treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, and addiction. Our team will be applying for funding in the coming weeks.”


TheraPsil applauds Premier David Eby and his team for taking this important step towards prioritizing mental health services and looks forward to working with them to ensure that individuals in medical need have access to the care they require.


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