Message for Treatment Organizations Seeking Psilocybin Support


Vancouver, BC –  Project Solace, a groundbreaking initiative by TheraPsil, aims to revolutionize access to medical psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy (psilocybin therapy) in Canada. This request for proposal targets non-profit and community treatment organizations seeking to explore possibilities for patient access to psilocybin therapy through the Special Access Program (SAP). TheraPsil, Canada’s largest psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy training and advocacy organization, offers a network of trained professionals to connect government-funded non-profits and charities with psilocybin therapy for patients in need.

The project’s primary goal is to provide safe and effective access to psilocybin therapy for conditions like end-of-life distress, treatment-resistant depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. By partnering with TheraPsil, organizations can play a vital role in shaping medical regulations and advancing mental health care in the country.

The submission deadline for proposals is September 1st, 2023.

Program Description

TheraPsil invites non-profits and community treatment organizations interested in facilitating safe and legal psilocybin treatment for their clients/patients. 

Project Goals

TheraPsil is focused on helping established non-profit agencies that support patients with treatment-resistant mental health issues access legal psilocybin through Canada’s Special Access Program (SAP).  TheraPsil is currently supporting the following patient groups who may meet the criteria for the SAP: 

  • Patients with Treatment-resistant depression TRD/MDD and similar mental illnesses. 
  • Veterans and First responders with TRD/MDD
  • Palliative Care/cancer patients with End-of-Life distress, 
  • Substance use disorder and addiction with underlying TRD/MDD

Project Budget: $4,000 – $7,000 / patient

About TheraPsil:

TheraPsil is Canada’s largest psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy training, advocacy, and access organization. We have successfully trained 500+ healthcare professionals, empowering them to provide effective treatment to patients in need. We are ready to mobilize our resources to support patients and clinical organizations. 

About the SAP Process

Medical Psilocybin is legal and available in Canada through the special access program (SAP). TheraPsil can help government-funded NGOs connect with TheraPsil to navigate the SAP and connect their clients with psilocybin-trained medical professionals. TheraPsil helps with:

  • Connecting patients with Trained healthcare professionals
  • Administration and navigation of the SAP
  • Training Organizations and healthcare professionals

Evaluation and Metrics Criteria



Spencer Hawkswell

President and CEO at TheraPsil


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