TheraPsil is thrilled to announce a major undertaking: our team is embarking on a groundbreaking clinical trial that is set to make waves.

Our ultimate goal for this trial is to establish a viable pathway for practitioners undergoing psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy training, as well as patients in medical need, to access this transformative therapy. 

Due to changes in Health Canada’s regulations for accessing psilocybin, exemptions for practitioners are no longer granted. As we continue our advocacy efforts for medical regulations on psilocybin access, this clinical trial presents a vital opportunity for practitioners to access psilocybin. Moreover, it presents an opportunity to support TheraPsil’s training program, which is Canada’s first and largest psilocybin-assisted training for licensed healthcare professionals.

We are aiming to enroll hundreds of participants, to ensure robust data collection. This data will not only contribute to groundbreaking research but also has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare landscape.

We appreciate Health Canada’s recognition of the potential health improvements through psychedelics in clinical trials, and we expect this trial to directly benefit those in need.

The lead investigator beautifully articulated the significance of this research trial:

“This research trial represents the natural evolution for TheraPsil and its partners. It builds upon our ongoing efforts in advocacy, training, and special access requests, taking our understanding of the broad effects of psilocybin therapy to the next level.”

At TheraPsil, we are overjoyed to support this vital research as it directly addresses the growing demand for psilocybin access and as the clinical trial progresses, we eagerly anticipate sharing more details and updates about this groundbreaking research with you. 

To learn more about our training program and how to apply, head to

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