TheraPsil Receives $10,000 Matching Donations from Red Light Holland to Support Legal Campaign 


Dear friends,

This week the Canadian delegation of patients and healthcare professionals began their advocacy efforts in Ottawa. The delegation is seeking medical psilocybin regulations as a solution to the hundreds of Canadians who have been denied compassionate medical access to Psilocybin for treatment of their mental illness and for training purposes. The delegation includes advocates and plaintiffs of the legal challenge and they have announced their intent to work with the Ministers of Health, Jean-Yves Duclos and Carolyn Bennett, on medical psilocybin and medical regulations.

However, these patients and healthcare professionals have been waiting over a year for a compassionate response to their emergency section 56 exemptions for psilocybin. They have been requesting an emergency meeting with the Ministers for over a year now and have been formally denied a chance to meet. This disregard for vulnerable patients and their healthcare professionals have only affirmed the need to continue to fund and press forward on the charter challenge.

TheraPsil launched a fundraiser to raise money to support the legal campaign during the trip to Ottawa which got the attention of Red Light Holland, an Ontario-based corporation engaged in the production, growth and sale of functional mushrooms and mushroom home grows kits in North America and Europe. Red Light Holland also has a premium brand of psilocybin truffles to the legal, recreational market within the Netherlands.

Todd Shapiro, Red Light Holland CEO said, “We are really excited to work with Spencer and TheraPsil as we are a company that believes in being authentic and giving back. We are passionate and we are proudly vocal for adults’ right to try natural psilocybin and we want to help be a part of positive change. This Red Light Holland x TheraPsil matching donation collaboration allows for so many others to be a part of the positive change too. So let’s end the stigma together and help with this mission! We are grateful for everyone’s support! #FreeTheMagic!”

The timing of these funds could not be more critical. We are in the middle of the most important part of our legal challenge (Thomas Hartle et al v HMK) the legal team is working overtime and this support speeds up the process and gets more legal members working. We are all so thankful for the matching donations. Now all donations that come in through the fundraiser are doubled! I look forward to seeing what more we can do with Red Light Holland to increase awareness and further support the challenge. No Canadian should be denied access to their medicine for political reasons, let’s let the law set things right.

TheraPsil and Red Light Holland hope to hit the $10,000 goal to supply the legal team with the funds needed to push through this important phase of the case. Below is a link to the fundraiser where you can make a matching donation.


Please Consider Donating Here


Thank you again for your unwavering support and compassion.


Yours truly,

Spencer Hawkswell and the TheraPsil team

Check out Red Light’s full press release here..




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