Understanding Costs

TheraPsil strives to provide equitable access to psilocybin assisted-psychotherapy to those in medical need. If you think you meet our inclusion criteria, but are concerned about financial constraints please do not delay reaching out, as we have ways in which we may be able to help you. 

Free Consultation

A free educational consultation with one of our Clinical Educators can be provided for patients who may meet our inclusion criteria. During this phone call, a Patient Intake Specialist will answer any questions that you may have. For any patients facing financial barriers to treatment, the Patient Intake Specialist will also discuss financial options and how we may be able to provide support.

Approximate Therapy & Treatment Cost - $2500 to $6000
*Not determined by or paid to TheraPsil*

If a patient is successfully granted legal access to psilocybin, TheraPsil will ensure this individual is supported by trained and qualified healthcare practitioners who can facilitate their psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy. Like any form of therapy, there is a cost associated with this treatment. TheraPsil does not determine this cost as these TheraPsil Associate Practitioners are often working within their own private practices.

Pricing will vary from practitioner to practitioner and therapy length will vary based on each patient’s needs. As our psilocybin treatment model requires medical oversight from a prescriber as well as two sitters to be present on the treatment day, the cost of the prescriber and co-sitter will be included in the total treatment price.

A total treatment including the preparatory sessions, the treatment day and the integration sessions can take on average around 18 to 25 hours of time. Therapists have service rates of approximately $150 to $200/hr. Although we cannot provide a specific cost estimate, a lower cost for therapy could be $2500 whereas a more lengthy therapy may cost $5000 or more.

Therapists often have sliding scale options for their services for those who can pay more or less. Extended health coverage and/or benefits plans that cover therapy may be utilized to finance treatment.

When connected with a treatment team, patients will be provided specific treatment cost details.